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Hormone Balancing at Every Age

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Real Answers for Real People

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Be Present Every Moment

Discover the root cause of your fatigue.

Balance your hormones to stop mood swings.

Don’t let symptoms hold you back, you were meant to enjoy life.

Be Present Every Moment
Take Back Control of Your Life

Take Back Control of Your Life

Find simple honest answers to health concerns.

Work with a high integrity healthcare practice using research-based information.

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Erin Winter

As an active mother of two, wife, and business owner I know it can take tremendous effort to create balance in my life. When you are juggling so many roles it is easy to put yourself on the back burner and overlook signs and symptoms of declining health.

It’s even easier to put on a band-aid, we’ve all done it! If you are struggling or feel like you have lost your sense of self, I am here to tell you there are reasons, and even better, answers!

Naturopathic medicine will always get to your root cause and help you live your life to its fullest!

Dr. Erin Winter Flagstaff Naturopath - Winter Wellness

Convenient Scheduling With Telehealth

Working with a Naturopathic Doctor virtually has never been easier with telehealth.

Dr. Erin Winter helps you resolve health issues like anxiety & stress, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, food allergies, adrenal fatigue & more all from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a device and an internet connection. The doctor will come to you!

The world we live in today is busier than ever. Battling traffic, juggling children’s schedules, and long work days can contribute to making it a challenge to arrive at the office on time.

Because of the accessibility virtual visits deliver, we proudly serve patients throughout all of Arizona.

To book a telehealth visit with Winter Wellness, please call our office at 928-440-3279 or online here.

We look forward to providing you with high-quality naturopathic care – at your convenience!