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Weight Loss & Detox

Weight Loss & Detox

Feeling heavy, sluggish, bloated?

Sometimes we just need to push the reset button!

Transformations 360

Keto-like diet that helps you burn fat and create healthy food habits that naturally balance your system. The Transformations 360 program focuses on whole foods only. Most patients report losing 2-3 pound per week on the 5-week plan and more importantly the maintenance of that loss!


Fasting mimicking cleanse. Five days of deep cleaning your system, all food supplied!

With ProLon, you will successfully complete a 5-day fast while nourishing your body and avoiding the low energy that can be associated with water only fasts. ProLon gives you the benefits of a 5-Day fast without giving up food, going too hungry, or eating lots of unnatural ingredients.

In just 5-days, you will experience the amazing benefits of fasting without having to skip a meal.

Comprehensive Detox

14 days of clean eating and supplements to enhance the cleansing experience.

The Vital Nutrients’ Comprehensive Detox Kit is a vegan, hypoallergenic 14-day cleanse that combines plant-based protein with two types of dietary fiber, a full range of macro and micro nutrients, as well as liver supportive botanicals and antioxidants.

The Vital Nutrients’ Detox Guide contains all the information patients need to create an eating plan that will give the body a rest from exposure to pro-inflammatory foods and common potential allergens in the typical Western diet, as well as alcohol, caffeine, and refined sugars.

Are you ready to look your best?